Sky Lounge Air Ship in Osaka

Sky Lounge Air Ship in Osaka
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1-2-1 Benten Minato-Ku | Hotel Osaka Bay Tower 51F, Osaka 552-0007, Osaka Prefecture, Osaka


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00:00 - 17:00

Tell me about the hotel's mail!

I don't know.

Is it a building with many shops?

There are a bookstore, a convenience store and a cafe in the building adjacent to the hotel.

Hi, I will be staying in art hotel and i have flight to catch at 10 am at Kansai airport. What is the best transport to catch from art hotel to Kansai airport or

From Terminal 1 take the JR to 弁天町station ant then walking to the Hotel. It is not difficult to find the way. More details you can contact the Information center which will be easy to find it.

May i know what time are the shuttle busses to and from usj?

Foreigners are crowded. A

Do you have a room massage

I can ask for a room massage


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